Here are the results of the 2010 CPU National Championships:



6 responses to “Results

  1. Kathie Corrigan

    The site is great, lots of information pertaining to the competition. I would love to see the results posted as they happen. My son is competing and I am very anxious to see his results as well as the results of the rest of team PEI.

    Thank you,

  2. Ben Silverberg

    Great site but would like to have access to real time results. All of Avi Silverberg’s fan club back in Alberta are anxiously awaiting the final results of the Bench Press Competition.

  3. Jackie Barrett

    There seems to be a problem with the Bench Press results as they’re saying that its not found.

    • Yes, as you have noticed, the links to the bench results are not working yet. But keep checking back… they will work as soon as it is humanly possible to fix them.

  4. Nathan Conway, 110 Kg Junior from PEI, was relieved of his belt – a Lg red Titan marked Nathan / Graham – from the warm up room…if you know of its whereabouts please advise. He needs it for the PEI Provincial High School Finals on April 23/10.

    • You’re in luck, Nathan! Get in touch with Louis Lévesque. He has your belt, but needs a name and address to send it to.

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